Author: Eugene Nickols

Date: 16 Oct 2012

I have been using the Justick product range for…

I have been using the Justick product range for a while now and have to say that I am extremely impressed with the way it has changed the way I organise my office and environment daily. It started when I received the Desktop board as a gift from one of my suppliers. Immediately there was a change on my desk: No more sticky notes on my computer screen, quick to-do notes always accessible at eye level. My desk went from a mess to a pleasure to work on, thanks to Justick! I subsequently got myself the light and large format boards. I always have clients visiting my office, and the notice boards looked like a dog’s breakfast! Old sticky fix blobs, ugly pins etc. all over the place. It looked horrible! With the new boards it immediately gave the office a more professional and clean look. Any notice remains completely flat, and on the white board remains clean under the protective cover. It really changed the way we keep our employees and customers informed of the goings-on and the Desktop made organising our desks a breeze. Thanks Justick!